DB Merchandise Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made on behalf of Branded Direct Ltd (“directbranded-merchandise.co.uk”) in relation to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and comprises our statement and position on slavery and human trafficking for the current financial year.

DB Merchandise

Branded Direct is an award-winning UK supplier of promotional products across the UK. We supply items that can be branded with logos and artwork as a means to promote businesses, organisations and events. Our product range includes drinkware, stationery, clothing, bags, technology and more.

Policy Statement

Modern slavery is a crime that is a violation of the most basic human rights. We have a zero-tolerance approach towards modern slavery in all its forms, including compulsory labour and human trafficking. Total Merchandise is committed to acting ethically at every level of business and as such, we expect ethical actions from all involved throughout our supply chain.

Our Organisation Structure & Supply Chain

The Branded Direct staff do not fall into any category that could be considered as vulnerable to modern slavery in the UK, meaning that our attention in regards to slavery and human trafficking is primarily directed towards our supply chain.

Branded Direct outsources all of its product branding and manufacturing to suppliers. These are predominantly based around the UK and EU, with the involved suppliers taking care of overseeing the manufacture, management, branding of products with our customers’ logos and messages. This allows us to fulfil thousands of customer orders each week.

As such, these suppliers might in turn source their products from manufacturers of the ‘base product’, who can often be based around the globe. China represents the dominant country of this level of our supply chain

Some of our products might also originate from locations such as South and East Asia, Central America and Africa.

Our supply chain also comprises an additional fourth tier (whereby Total Merchandise is the first tier) of suppliers who provide the raw materials to the third tier.

Where We Stand On Slavery & Human Trafficking

Branded Direct is committed to acting ethically in all aspects of our business, with all operations conducted with the utmost integrity and care.

Our aim is to guard those involved with our business at any level from modern slavery or human trafficking, via the communication of our expectations, the implementation of appropriate procedures and the action we take as and when necessary. Despite these best efforts and the measures we can take to protect against modern slavery and human trafficking, there is of course still a chance that either can occur at any stage of our supply chain, without our knowledge.

As such, we will always take quick action against any such activity that we become aware of. We will always act with a view to fixing and improving the scenario but if this isn’t feasible, we will terminate the relationship if deemed the only course of appropriate action.

Training On Modern Slavery & Trafficking

As much as we will take responsibility and act accordingly if we become aware of modern slavery or human trafficking at any point in our supply chain, so too will we continue to endeavour to create awareness for it among our team members. We plan to continue developing our training programme throughout 2020 and 2021 in regards to modern slavery, human trafficking and the appropriate courses of action for both. Training will be provided as and when necessary to the relevant individuals on the Total Merchandise team.

Statement Approval
This statement has been formally approved by the Directors of Branded Direct

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