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How to pick the right branded usb drives for your audience and budget

For promotional merchandise companies, branded usb drives are integral products within the technology category. Many industry sectors use branded usb flash drives, this may be for internal promotional use or branded merchandise to giveaway to clients and prospects as corporate gifts. If you are considering branded usb drives for an executive promotional audience then you might want to investigate a metal style, possibly one made from stainless steel, these will look even more superior when engraved and presented in a gift box. When you are next looking for promotional merchandise ideas that are technology-related then it is well worth considering a cheap branded USB. These budget options are great when purchased in higher volumes, for a giveaway at an event or exhibition. The classic Twister styles are the most sought after and iconic of all usb promotional items. Twisters are used regularly by many industry sectors such as education, finance, technology, IT companies and the public sector. Pantone matching is available at no extra cost from 500 units and on many styles of usb, allowing you to fully bespoke your usb to match your corporate colours. With an extensive variety of memory sizes, standard from 1GB, ideal or promotional use, increasing to 4GB and 8GB - being popular sizes for more corporate and professional use, with higher capacities also available. 

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