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Explore custom engraved metal USB sticks

Things to consider when we print your logo to your chosen usb promotional items

There are many ways to brand your USB products, some methods are suited to certain materials, but all will produce excellent results. For example, eco-friendly wooden branded usb sticks and metal styles work well when laser engraved. The finish produced from usb engraving is unrivalled, it delivers superb and clear results that guarantee the longevity of the design. A digital print to promotional usb cards can look stunning in full colour, with an expansive branding area, it allows you to print complex artwork and to both sides of the card. A screen-print is a popular method, offering solid colours to be printed cost-effectively. Another full-colour method that offers an added dimension is epoxy domes, ideal for USBs that cannot be printed directly due to size and shape limitations. Where some USBs may have caps to protect them, then pad print or usb engraving will offer a viable solution, allowing to reach smaller parts and brand in finer detail where required. Not only are wooden branded usb sticks an attractive, sustainable choice within technology they lend well to both engraving and printing methods, depending on your preference and the design you wish to brand. 


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