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5 reasons why branded flash drives are still the best-selling option when it comes to merchandise for business

USBs remain at the top of the promotional merchandise list for many businesses. They are at the forefront of branded technology and will continue to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of our technology requirements. Many promotional merchandise companies know that the best merchandise lies within products that have multiple uses, which can be used for leisure activities as well as for business. 

1. USBs have mass appeal, they can be used within any industry sector, making them tempting gifts and giveaways when looking to advertise your brand.

2. The choice of colours, Pantone matching and available memory sizes make branded flash drives uk extremely versatile. You can upload information such as PDF catalogues, details on your products as services and even videos. 

3. USBs and promotional usb cards are extremely lightweight, ideal for direct mailing campaigns. 

4. Due to their nimble nature, they make excellent pocket products, easy to store and carry around. They can also be supplied with a keychain, to secure them safely to a set of keys. 

5. Not only do USBs have the option to be Pantone matched and bespoke made but many options can be printed, engraved and branded in full colour. 


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