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Printed parasols and branded outdoor umbrellas. Printed parasols

Parasol advertising is fast gaining popularity among a new generation of entrepreneurs that really believe in smart advertising. In reality, marketers are looking beyond the dull classic parasols and into imprinted personalised promotional parasols that are artistically made for outdoor events, pubs, restaurants, garden parties, or poolside. As a result, marketers are spoilt for choice, with no idea how to select the best promotional parasol to outstandingly and successfully shade people from the blistering heat. Aside from parasols, we offer additional possibilities for umbrella printing.
Bespoke Branded Parasols printed in house

available in many sizes express delivery available


 Tips for Choosing the Best Parasol

Base options

Depending on the type of surface the parasol will be put on and the size of the canopy, it is important to select a base that will securely keep the parasol in place. In-ground bases are ideal for digging a hole in the ground; surface bases are ideal for roofs where digging is not possible but solid base is required; and bolt-down bases require a concrete pad into which they can be fastened.

Canopy size.

Because a canopy occupies the space above head height rather than the floor level, you must check for any aerial obstructions such as gutters, fences, walls, or signs while the canopy is fully extended. The same procedure should be used when combining parasols.


The best customised parasols are composed of long-lasting materials that can survive severe outdoor conditions and repeated use. This implies that you should go for parasols made of durable and tear-resistant materials like acrylic cloth. Furthermore, each individual fibre should be colour saturated from the inside out, resulting in a bright fade-resistant colour that will keep your business slogan visible for longer. It should not retain heat or moisture in order to keep fungus at bay, and it should be water and stain resistant. Finally, the material should sufficiently screen out UV rays, 

Influence of parasols on branding 

Investing in high-quality customised promotional parasols has a fantastic return on investment, positively impacting your brand by increasing brand awareness, cost-effective marketing because they act as billboards, and improved customer perception because the parasols not only market the business but also protect users from harsh weather. These milestones can be met by purchasing any of the parasols available at the umbrella store, including the aluminium parasol with an aluminium matte finish frame, the travel mate golf beach umbrella with a fibreglass shaft, and the wooden garden parasol square with a mahogany stain frame, among others.


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